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Hundreds of years ago, cities were settled at river banks, which guaranteed huge development possibilities. Nowadays, the access to inland waterways may as well be a great asset of cities and other investment areas located at river banks.

A skillful management of a river and its role in urban areas may be not only used as a tourist attraction, but also can reduce traffic jams and help tackle air pollution.

Inland shipping is an inexpensive and ecological means of transport, particularly effective and useful for bulk materials, such as ores, coal or aggregates.

An average annual cost of neglect and losses deriving from disastrous floods that happen in Poland approximately once in every 10 years, is estimated for 6,5 billion PLN (1,5 billion EUR) annually. At WaterWays EXPO presented are i. a. solutions and technologies for flood control and flood protection.


The agenda of Water EXPO Poland 2019.

The subject matter of this year’s exhibition and conferences covers i. a.:

  • Infrastructure for water management and inland waterway system management in Poland, including solutions and services related to building and maintaining hydrotechnical infrastructure at the required efficiency level; dredgers, landing stages, comprehensive solutions for hydrotechnical engineering and for excavation.
  • Using inland waters in urban spaces, including investment opportunities, designs, technologies and solutions for developing wharves and outfitting marinas and river ports.
  • Flood safety, including flood protection system design and mobile flood protection systems.
  • Disaster monitoring and response systems for Poland’s inland waters, including advanced danger detection, communication and warning systems, hydrological simulations.
  • Hydropower engineering and equipment, including safeguards, turbines and cooling systems.
  • Vessels for inland waterways and their outfitting, including cruise vessels, river buses, barges, tugboats, pusher tugs, dredgers, ice-breakers, specialist rescue and fire-fighting vessels, recreational boats.
  • Inland shipping safety, including navigation, communication and rescue systems.
  • Designs, technologies and solutions for river ports and shipyards, including solutions for integrating existing and planned ports in the domestic and regional system for transporting goods.
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